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Biographical essay

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Write a short biographical essay about each of these people. Cite your work!
Briefly discuss when and where each was born, what their occupations were, which colony/state they represented, were they slave owners, what was their participation in the revolutionary process (for example, were they in the Sons of Liberty? Were they one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence? Did they or their children fight in the Revolution, or did they write letters, pamphlets, etc. to promote the revolutionary cause? What did they do immediately after the Revolution?) These are just guiding questions. Don’t wander too far from the Revolutionary Era and be sure you study the correct people, not someone with the same name.
Be careful to use legitimate resources.
Use the following three persons- Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson
You are to write an essay of approximately 500 words total (about 100-170 words for each person), typed, double-spaces, in Times New Roman or similar, standard 12 font print. Please use black ink only.
Your Title (the person’s name)
Below your text you need to add your bibliographical citation(s) using Chicago Manual of Style

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