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Barriers healthcare administrators

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According to Karuppan et al. (2016), the traditional scheduling systems accommodate providers’ convenience rather than patients. Although in primary care settings, demand can be predictable, with a surge early in the morning and in the evening following work hours. When it comes to the emergency Room setting, predicting the demands is more complicated, and traditional scheduling systems are not effective in these settings. The challenge of being an
administrator in an emergency setting is that some physicians are not flexible to adapt to the demands, and patients’ waiting times end up suffering.
Traditional scheduling systems lead to ineffective practice, lower-quality care, higher costs, decreased productivity, and increased patient dissatisfaction. Lower quality of care ensues from the inability to make a timely appointment as patients seek alternative, sometimes unorthodox, forms of treatment or decide to forgo healthcare altogether (Karuppan et al., 2016).
Long delays and increased waiting times often lead to patient dissatisfaction. The unpleasant experience shapes patients’ perception of the quality of care, which affects their willingness to get services from the organization in the future (Munavalli et al., 2020). Managing scheduling is
critical to the success of healthcare organizations.
Directions: Using three reference complete the following
1. What are some of the challenges healthcare administrators face when interacting with physicians?
2. What are some of the barriers healthcare administrators encounter when inspiring physicians to
adopt new organizational changes?
3. What strategies would you use as a healthcare administrator to inspire physicians to
support organization objectives?
4. Provide Bradley Park Hospital leaders a strategy to help the organization gain physicians’ support
and reduce patients’ waiting time.

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