Assignment #2: Social Problem Analysis

Assignment #2: Social Problem Analysis
Individual Assignment (20 points)
Due: Sunday, Week Two
Students will identify a social problem addressed by current social policy. Students will present
prevalence statistics and factors contributing to and/or correlated with the problem (using
research evidence) in a Canva poster. Students should look in academic literature as well as
governmental and policy websites for information about a problem you are interested learning
more about during this course.
Turn in two items:
(1) Canva Poster link (uploaded in comment section of drop box)
(2) APA Reference List (uploaded in assignment drop box)
Canva Poster
(A) PROBLEM STATEMENT (should be visible on the poster)
-This should be a succinct argument that can convince policy makers and the voting public that
should care about this issue.
-Define the problem
-Present descriptive statistics regarding problem prevalence
-Present information about the costs of the problem to society
-Keep it succinct.
-Briefly summarize psychological, personal, familial, community, and/or societal factors that
cause, contribute to or correlate with the problem.
-Provide statistics.
-Identify one federal- or state-level policies that address the problem.
-Provide at least three important key points (bullets) from this policy.
How to create a Canva poster:
Click here:
Create an account (it is free, do not pay)
Click on create a design
Click on poster
Create poster by providing the information from above (Be creative)
Poster should be no more than 2 pages
Once complete, click the three dots at the top right of screen
Click share link button (test the link before submitting it in Moodle)
Copy link and paste in the comments section of the Assignment drop box.
Reference List:
-Should be in APA format
-Should have at least 3-5
SCHOLARLY article references

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Social Problem Analysis

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