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For your final paper, you will be analyzing three scholars’ interpretations of a single monument. You will write about: Parthenon Friezes (Classical Greece)
You will be reading THREE pre-selected articles (available on Blackboard in the Assignments section) about the monument that you have chosen.

Here are the articles.

Parthenon Friezes (Classical Greece) Neils, Jenifer. “Reconfiguring the Gods on the Parthenon Frieze.” The Art Bulletin 81, no. 1 (1999): 6-20.
Pollitt, Jerome J. “The Meaning of the Parthenon Frieze.” Studies in the History of Art 49 (1997): 50-65.
Stevenson, Tom. “Cavalry Uniforms on the Parthenon Frieze?” American Journal of Archaeology 107, no.
4 (2003): 629-54.

In the first part of your essay, describe each scholar’s argument succinctly and separately. (That is, do not immediately compare the arguments.) When you are considering the scholar’s main argument, consider: what new interpretations of the monument are proposed?; what type of question is the scholar trying to answer about the monument?

When you summarize the scholarly argument, make sure also to describe what types of evidence are used (literary, iconographic, stylistic, etc.) to support the main argument.
After having summarized the arguments of each scholar separately, you will then
compare their arguments. Be sure to identify what similarities they share. In what
ways do the three accounts seem to agree? Once you identify the similarities between
the authors, discuss the differences. This will be the focus of your analysis. You
might focus on a single image (or two) in your analysis in order to highlight the
different interpretative positions.
No additional research is necessary.

Lastly, conclude your paper by stating which position seems most convincing to you
and why (that is, explain who has presented the most convincing evidence.) Or,
explain why you think the different interpretations can all be correct.. Feel free to
hypothesize how one author might respond to the interpretations of other authors.

To summarize: three main parts of your paper:

  1. Summarizing each scholar’s interpretation of the monument, describing also the
    types of evidence used to support their argument.
  2. A comparison of the three scholarly arguments, analyzing points of agreement and
    disagreement between the three different interpretations.
  3.  A consideration of which interpretation seemed most convincing and wh

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