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Assignment Description

Research and analyze the complex relationship between Japanese and early European Modern architecture (pre World War II). How did traditional Japanese architecture influence the European Modernists? What concepts were prioritized? How did European Modern architecture then influence later Modern Japanese architecture? How were concepts used, interpreted, and returned? Why? How did the meanings behind these spatial approaches change to reflect each group? Use a minimum of four architectural examples (with images) to support your thesis. (1500 words).
Bibliography and full citations are required; all following the Chicago Manual of Style. A minimum of twelve sources are required in your bibliography.


  1. Research! Start with some key searches and collect as much as you can that may seem relevant to your topic.
  2. Organize your sources as you start developing your ideas.
  3. After going through the sources, confirm one clear thesis that you would you like to explore.
  4.  Identify and define this thesis in one sentence.
  5. Research again!
  6. Reorganize your sources to support this thesis.
  7. Make an outline or matrix breaking down your supporting ideas and the materials you have to support them.
  8. Collect more information if you find you are unable to support your concept adequately with your initial searches.
  9. Organize your ideas and data to support your thesis when developing your essay’s content.
  10. Identify how and why the material supports and strengthens your thesis in each paragraph.
  11. Include a clear introduction and a meaningful conclusion.
  12. Proofread for typos and grammatical inconsistencies.

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