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Week 3 Discussion: Aggregators & PODs

In this assignment, students will evaluate various print-on-demand (POD) or aggregator vendors based on their chosen piece of creative content.
Students will analyze and discuss what makes a good POD or aggregator site.
Students will explain why the site they chose is the best one for their content if they were to self-publish and distribute it.

Project Specifications

Please visit some the self-publishing Print-On-Demand (POD) sites and/or aggregators and discuss the advantages/disadvantages of one or more of them (listings are provided throughout the course materials, and some popular sites are included below).

Next, consider which is the best POD/aggregator site for you to use if you were going to self-publish and/or distribute your piece of creative content? Why?

To begin this project, please review the document, “What to Look for in a POD Site,” found in the References section. Although not a complete list, here are some popular POD/aggregator sites to get your research started:

Books: CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Blurb, Lulu;

Music: TuneCore, CD Baby, Distrokid, The Orchard, Top Spin Media;

Film/TV: Distribber, Gum Road, Cinesouq, FilmBaby, The Orchard, Top Spin Media, CreateSpace;

Games: Steam.

Response Post (25%) – DUE SUNDAY

Choose at least one other student’s post who has chosen creative content similar to your own and reply to it.  Offer a helpful suggestion or information source, along with appropriate citations. If the student is using a different aggregator or POD, tell them a little bit about yours.  Please keep the tone positive and professional.


Complete the reading assignment for the week and then answer the discussion questions given above. Provide an initial post in response to the specified questions, before Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Your initial post must be at least three paragraphs in length and cite at least one source (outside of course materials) that discusses events and/or situations with respect to the entertainment industry.

Create a response post to another student’s initial post on this week’s Discussion Board, before Sunday 11:59pm.  Your reply post must be at least one paragraph in length.


Be sure to review the instructions and rubric.  You can find them as a download.

The assignment is worth 5% of your grade. Of this 5%, the initial post is worth 75%, and the response post is worth 25%. Your initial post must be a minimum of three paragraphs and cite at least one source (outside of course materials) that discusses events and/or situations with respect to the entertainment industry. The response post must be a minimum of one paragraph, and it is not necessary to cite an outside source here. If one is used, however, please cite appropriately. Follow the guidelines as outlined in the Discussion Board Rubric and EBMS Policies regarding late work, self plagiarism, etc.

Grading Criteria: • Individual Input and Initiative • Group Participation and Interaction • Critical Thinking and Analysis • Sources and Resources • Presentation and Style

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