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African American Poems

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Essay 1 Assignment is as follows:
Answer only one of the questions below. (At least 1500 words)
1. In the Foreword of “The Bluest Eye,” when Morrison mentions self-loathing (self-hatred), according to her, which is more important, accepting rejection as legitimate, or being hated for thing you have no control over?
2. Discuss the idea of surrendering one’s identity as presented by Morrison in the Foreword of “The Bluest Eye.”
3. At the beginning of the book, how does Morrison depict the concept of home?
4. When Morrison mentions the illness of Claudia, what comment might she be making about society?
5. From what you read so far, what point is Morrison making about the concept of blackness”?
6. How does Morrison present beauty as a social construction (something built-up or constructed by society and although it is not based on truth or facts, it has real life consequences)? (Due, January 21–Midnight).
–You will need to base your essay on “The Bluest Eye” and you have the option to quote from “It’s Hard to Be a Black Man in America AND Other African American Poems.”
–Do not plagiarize! Do not download work from the internet. Where you upload your essay in blackboard, it searches your essay through what is called Turnitin and gives a report and shows the information that was taken from elsewhere.
— I am giving you up to three drafts on your essays, so you can improve your grade each time. If you get over 90% on draft 1 or do so by draft 2, you do not have to do the additional drafts.
–Instead of three essays that is usually done for English 24, I will only give two essays. Essay 2 would involve some research where you will use at least two outside scholarly sources that are different from the texts we are using in the class.
–I have given you six questions and you are asked to choose only one of them. I have place two outlines for two of the questions in “Course Content in Blackboard to help those of you who need it. Also, you can always set an appointment with me, and we can go over any questions you have about the assignment.

Midterm Assignment is as follows:

Choose any poem from “It’s Hard to Be a Black Man in America and Other African American Poems” and connect it to “The Bluest Eye.” You must discuss one in terms of the other. Quote from both sources. You can choose to connect them through an idea, a theme, a motif, a situation or circumstance, or characterization, or any other way you prefer. If you use any summary from the novel, keep it to a minimum. It is recommended that your summary does not exceed one quarter page, since the minimum page limit is two page or 800 words approximately. You are required to use quotations from both the poem that you choose and the “Bluest Eye,” (Due, January 24–midnight)

If there are any questions, please ask. Please be reminded that this is only a six-week semester. Let us all try to keep up with the work. If you are having any issues please contact me.

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