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​A business owner makes 50 items a day. She spends 8 hours in producing those items. If hired elsewhere she could have earned $10 an hour. The item sells for $10 each. Production occurs seven days a week. If the explicit costs total $10,000 a month the economic profit for the month equals:

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Lucy can bake 200 cookies in an hour or watch her favorite tv show. If she chooses to watch her show, the cookies are an example of

A firm sells 1000 units per week. It charges $15 per unit, the average variable costs are $10, and the average costs are $25. In the short run, the firm should

A cloth manufacturing firm is deciding whether or not to invest in new machinery. The machinery costs $45,000 and is expected to increase cash flows in the first year by $25,000 and in the second year by $30,000. The firm’s current fixed costs are $9,000 and current marginal cost are $15. The firm currently charges $18 per unit.

​The current break-even quantity is